All services for individuals are free of charge.

On this page you can see the prices of the services for employers provided by JOBSME.BG. All prices include VAT.. At Jobsme.BG you have the option to post three types of paid listings. “Basic”, "Standard” and „Super” Packages, as well as Free jobs ads. Higher-type jobs appear before other jobs. All jobs at are valid for 30 calendar days, except “Super” which are valid for 35 calendar days.

- Each job is reviewed and inspected by our employee prior to posting.

- All jobs will be active and published within 24 hours of their upload by the employer.

*Price for a single ad in JOBSME.BG.

Single job type Price
Super *** 60 BGN
Standard ** 40 BGN
Basic * 20 BGN
free 0 BGN

*All prices include VAT

Additional options and services:

- Offer with special design / personalized job/: BGN 40.00 VAT included.

- External link for application type: free, Basic: 15.00 BGN VAT included.

- External link for application type: Standard and Super: Free of charge.

- Paid post for article: 400 BGN with VAT. / up to 1500 words and 4 pictures for an article /

- Posting an article on social networks / Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter / 50.00 BGN with VAT./

*All prices include VAT.