Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Jobsme.BG is a job search and placement platform in Bulgaria. is not a recruitment agency.

Yes, all companies go through a rigorous procedure to validate their registration. This is needed to prevent the abuse of their name by unauthorized persons.

Jobsme.BG checks all ads before they are published. Ads with obscene, immoral or discriminatory content or those that do not relate to a particular job position are prohibited.

At Jobsme.BG, you can post three types of paid listings. / Basic Package, Standard Package and Super Package, as well as free ads. Higher-type ads are displayed before other ads. All listings are valid for 30 calendar days and Super ads are valid for 35 days. Each listing is reviewed and verified by our team before its publication. All listings will be active and published within 24 hours after being uploaded by the employer.

You can see the listings you applied for in My Account > Home > Application History

If the status of your application is pending, it means that the employer has not yet considered it. The employer has the right to "approve" it, "reject" or to not choose a status - in which case, it will still appear in "Pending approval" status. When your application is approved or rejected, the employer may send you the reason for this.

No, only those employers whose listings you applied for have access to your contact details.

All site listings can be viewed by unregistered users. Registration is required to post a listing and apply for it.

To reset your password, you must press "Login" > "Forgot Password" and enter your username or email, where you will receive a link to reset your password.

To post an ad on Jobsme.BG, you must have a successful registration as an employer. Every single registration as an employer is being checked. Listings will be active and visible within 24 hours. All ads are being checked before they are approved.

Higher-type ads are displayed before other ads. All listings are valid for 30 calendar days, and Super listings are valid for 35 days.

The payment for posting a paid listing, a package, a paid article and / or a special ad design can be done in three ways:
1) Bank transfer;
2) Revolut
3) PayPal

You can purchase a package from Home > Payments and to select the type of ad or package you want to buy. All purchased listings and packages can be tracked in the Home section> Payments> Your Current Packages.