Terms of Use


In order to use the services provided by the Website, please get familiar with the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Jobsme.bg, which are fully described below.

JOBSME.BG („the Website“) belongs to JOBSME LTD, registered in Sofa, VAT: 202937461 and address: 1113, Sofia str. “Frederic Joliot-Curie” 20, floor 14. The website provides services, including but not limited to publishing job postings, searching and applying for vacancies, creation and storage of CVs, etc.

1. Registration

1.1 Registration is a necessary condition for using the services of the Website.
1.2 Site registration is free of charge.
1.3 There are two types of registration depending on the role of the user – candidate or employer.

Candidate – worker/employee within the meaning of the Bulgarian Labor Code, who wishes to apply for the published job vacancies.

Employer – person/entity within the meaning of the Bulgarian Labor Code, who wishes to publish job postings for open job positions for the purpose of recruitment

1.4 Creating a user profile requires receiving a confirmation email on your registered email address as part of the necessary communication between JOBSME.BG and the user. In this regard, you agree to be addressee of electronic statements from JOBSME.BG under Article 5 of the LAW ON ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT AND ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATION SERVICES.

2. Rights and obligations of the user.

2.1 The User undertakes to familiarize himself / herself with the General Terms and the Privacy Policy of JOBSME.BG and to agree with them in the respective field upon registration in order to use the services of the Website. In case of disagreement, the user can not create a user profile and use the services of JOBSME.BG.

2.2 The user chooses the relevant account type upon registration, in accordance with point 1.3 of these General Terms.

2.3. The user registered as an employer is obliged to publish only existing job postings. He is responsible for the content of the ads that are reviewed and approved prior to publication by the team of JOBSME.BG.

2.4 Upon registration, the user registered as a candidate declares that he / she is legally capable of working within the meaning of the Labor Code and has reached the required age for employment (Article 301 of the Labor Code)

2.5 Users are obliged to provide accurate and correct information; to use the services of the Website in good faith and in accordance with the Bulgarian law; not to publish or distribute through or on the Website any unlawful, immoral or obscene content, or content subject to copyright.

2.6 Users have the ability to submit signals to the JOBSME.BG team in the event of incorrect content or attitude on behalf of other users that are in violation of these Terms, as well as making suggestions regarding the site performance

3. Rights and obligations of JOBSME.BG

3.1. JOBSME.BG undertakes to check the job advertisements before publishing them in order to comply with the above conditions. In this sense, the JOBSME.BG team reserves the right not to publish / to delete postings with obscene, immoral or discriminatory content, or those that do not refer to offering a particular job position.

3.2 JOBSME.BG provides the candidates with the ability to store the documents required for the use of the website and the application for open positions, as well as to create CVs in their profiles. Access to the created and stored information is restricted to the user himself and to the employers whose vacancies he / she applies for (depending on the application form chosen).

3.3 JOBSME.BG provides the users with a platform for publishing job openings and respectively for applying, without acting as an intermediary between a candidate and an employer, and does not take part in the selection of employees.

3.4 JOBSME.BG is obliged to monitor the compliance with the conditions in point 2.5 and to respond in the case of submitted signals / proposals under point 2.6 and, if necessary, to penalize users by warning, deleting an advertisement or closing an account.

3.5 JOBSME.BG is obliged to store and process personal data in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian and European legislation. Comprehensive information on this point is contained in the Privacy Policy of JOBSME.BG , which is an integral part of these Terms.

4. Changes

JOBSME.BG reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions in case of necessity resulting from legislative changes or in order to improve the use of the services of the Website.